Research on Visual Management of State Key Laboratory Environment

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National laboratories can promote the construction of academic teams, improve the level of scientific and technological innovation, improve the quality of personnel training, improve academic material conditions, and create a strong academic atmosphere. It is an important support for creating world-class disciplines. Visual elements are one of the main components of the laboratory environment, and strengthening the construction of visual management is of great significance. However, visual management laboratories are not perfect in most countries, and even some laboratories have not yet been established, lacking in structural layout, laboratory equipment display, lighting, walls, ground color, signs, slogans, guiding laboratory settings, etc. The visual programming of the system also brings up some new problems, mainly reflected in the efficiency and safety of the human, equipment, environmental, psychological and emotional experience of the experimenter. Therefore, how to strengthen the visual management of national laboratories has become a new topic in the construction of national laboratories.


Laboratory Visualization Visual recognition Management 


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