Foundational UX Research—Process Best Practices

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The need to create a set of Process Best Practices specifically for Foundational User Experience (UX) Research becomes essential in driving an increase in the success of this type of research, and the continued positioning of UX Research as a strategic partner contributing to ongoing product strategy and business success. These Best Practices have been crafted by author’s over 17 years of professional UX Research & Strategy experience across a variety of industries (medical, mobile, printing, IT) and companies (Baxter, Motorola, HP, Google); and they will continue to evolve as emerging technologies and new methodologies continue to impact the UX Research landscape. These foundational projects have varied in scope, depth, and objectives; however, the following of these Best Practices has remained consistent and contributed to many successful and impactful projects over the years. The results of these research projects have directly impacted entire business units, driven the future direction of product portfolios, pivoted product strategy, and created new business opportunities. The Process Best Practices described in this paper are designed to successfully guide a research practitioner step-by-step through a Foundational UX Research project from initiation through insight integration.


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