Generation of Enveloping Surfaces: General Consideration

  • Stephen P. RadzevichEmail author


General consideration of generation of enveloping surface is presented in this chapter of the book. The consideration begins with the analysis of generation of an envelope to successive positions of a moving planar curve. Then, the discussion is extended to generation of the enveloping surface to successive positions of a moving smooth regular part surface. Enveloping surfaces to one-parametric, as well as to two-parametric family of surfaces are covered in this section of the monograph. Further, the “kinematic method” for generation of enveloping surfaces is introduced. The method has been developed in 1940th by Dr. V. A. Shishkov. Implementation of the kinematic method for generation of one-parametric enveloping surfaces is disclosed. Then, the approach is extended to multi-parametric motion of a smooth regular part surface.


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