Early Works in the Field of Contact Geometry of Surfaces

  • Stephen P. RadzevichEmail author


In Chap.  3 the discussion begins with a review of the earlier published works in the field of contact geometry of surfaces. This includes the order of contact of two surfaces, local relative orientation of the surfaces at a point of their contact, the first and the second order analysis. The first order analysis is limited just to the common tangent plane. The second order analysis begins with the author’s comments on analytical description of the local geometry of contacting surfaces loaded by a normal force: Hertz’s proportional assumption. Then the surface of relative normal curvature is considered. Dupin indicatrix and curvature indicatrix of the surface of relative normal curvature are discussed. This analysis is followed by the discussion of the surface of relative normal radii of curvature, normalized relative normal curvature along with a characteristic curve of novel kind.


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