The Ghosts of Rüdin and Kallmann

  • Patrick D. Hahn


This chapter sums up what we have learned. After noting the paucity of evidence for the supposed genetic basis of schizophrenia and other “mental illnesses,” two other arguments that have been advanced in favor of telling people that these conditions are genetically based are examined critically: that such explanations make patients more likely to take psychotropic medication, and that such explanations reduce stigma. I conclude that neither of these arguments hold water.

This chapter features my interview with Daniel Weinberger, head of the Lieber Brain Institute and the Maltz Laboratories at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

In closing, I invite all the experts I have consulted for the book to weigh in on this question: Now that psychiatric genetics is entering its second century, what has this field contributed to mankind? Their answers are rendered verbatim.

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