Transgenesis and Poultry as Bioreactors

  • Birbal SinghEmail author
  • Gorakh Mal
  • Sanjeev K. Gautam
  • Manishi Mukesh


The birds as live bioreactors have unique advantages. Short generation time, appropriate post-translational modification of newly synthesized proteins as opposed to prokaryotes and yeasts, higher titers of recombinant proteins produces compared to cultured animal cells, and secretion of transgenic biomolecules into sterile egg white or ovalbumin are the features that make poultry as a preferred system for producing transgenic therapeutic proteins.

  • Poultry birds are fine hosts for producing therapeutic proteins

  • Remarkable progress has been made in developing transgenic birds and the therapeutic proteins from them.


Avian transgenesis Egg ovalbumin Genome editing Therapeutics Germ cells 


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