Animal Stem Cells—A Perspective on Their Use in Human Health

  • Birbal SinghEmail author
  • Gorakh Mal
  • Sanjeev K. Gautam
  • Manishi Mukesh


Stem cells have sparked a revolution in biomedical and veterinary medicine. The past two decades have witnessed astounding innovations in pursuit of stem cell applications in livestock production and health. Stem cells are reported from various domestic animals. The stem cells in livestock species are important candidates for genomic testing, selection, genome engineering, and developing model animals for investigating human diseases. Mesenchymal stem cells, due to the ease of attainment, pluripotency, and better proliferation activity have emerged as clinically important cells for treating injuries in pet and companion animals. Improved cell culture techniques, culture media, and supplements, insights into gene-environmental interactions may solve current bottlenecks associated with segregation, description, and applications of stem cells in livestock.

  • Stem cell technology is an important branch of animal reproduction and health sciences

  • Animal stem cells serve to enhance reproduction engineering and cell-based therapies.


Stem cell types Embryonic stem cells Mesenchymal stem cells Livestock species Stem cell therapeutics 


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