Assisted Reproduction in Cats

  • Birbal SinghEmail author
  • Gorakh Mal
  • Sanjeev K. Gautam
  • Manishi Mukesh


Among felids, the domestic cat is an imperative pet animal. The interest in assisted reproduction in cats has increased as domestic cat plays important role in reproduction of exotic and wild felids and valuable animal model for human diseases. ARTs, viz. sperm and oocyte cryopreservation, nuclear transfer cloning, stem cell technology, and transgenesis, have commercial cat rearing and human health prospects. Preserving precious germplasm or genotypes in purebred or research model catteries has raised the importance of quality cat reproduction management.


  • Petting cat is momentous for improving human mental and cognitive fitness

  • The domestic cat serves as model animal for biomedical applications and assisted reproduction of wild felids.


Domestic cat Pets animals Cat reproduction Cryopreservation of oocytes Biomedical importance 


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