“Rickety Parliaments”: Dominion Home Rule and the Government of Ireland Act, 1919–July 1921



This chapter examines several different visions of Ireland’s future between 1919 and mid-1921. Prime Minister David Lloyd George’s Cabinet developed the Government of Ireland Act (1920) providing for six-county partition, but whether it was intended to operate is questionable. The civilian Irish Dominion League argued for the widest possible self-governing powers within the British Empire but convinced neither the Cabinet nor Sinn Féin, which with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) sought to establish a republic. Lloyd George sometimes claimed he was considering dominion status, but Rast asserts that his unwillingness to make concessions delayed a truce. Supporters of dominion status helped to end the violence by publicizing often-indiscriminate reprisals by government forces against civilians, divorcing significant sections of public opinion from Lloyd George’s government.


Sinn Féin Irish Dominion League Irish War of Independence Irish republicans Northern Ireland David Lloyd George 

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