Patient with Severe Right Heart Failure and Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection Function

  • Anaïs Caillard
  • Benjamin G. ChoustermanEmail author
  • Alexandre Mebazaa


Worsening of renal failure is a frequent complication of acute decompensated right heart failure. Right heart failure may lead to chronic kidney disease that may be aggravated during acute episodes. In addition to treat the cause of this acute heart failure, renal dysfunction related to acute right side failure requires a thorough evaluation of patient volume status, an optimization of blood pressure and cardiac output and an active decongestion. An echocardiographic follow-up of RV function and tricuspid valve regurgitation are of utmost importance. Biomarkers associated with congestion (BNP, CD146,…) may be of help to prevent and treat this complication.


Congestion Central venous pressure Tricuspid regurgitation Right ventricle dilation Echocardiography TAPSE – depletion 


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