Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Adolescents: Viral Hepatitis

  • Aley G. KalapilaEmail author
  • Shireesha Dhanireddy


Hepatitis B infection has often been considered one of the most common sexually transmitted viral hepatitides. However, there have been several recent outbreak reports of sexual transmission of Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C infection in men who have sex with men, usually in the context of receptive anal intercourse and/or HIV co-infection. Testing for Hepatitis A, B or C infections relies on either serological diagnosis or nucleic acid testing. Since symptoms can be non-specific, a clinician will need to have a high level of suspicion to test for and diagnose these infections. Vaccination against hepatitis A and hepatitis B are routinely recommended for all newborns in the United States as well as for individuals with chronic liver disease or risk factors for viral hepatitis acquisition. While the management for hepatitis A infection is supportive, antiviral medications are available for treatment of Hepatitis B and C.


Viral hepatitis Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Hepatitis C 


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