Cutaneous Manifestations of Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Elizabeth Heller
  • Robert G. MichelettiEmail author


Cutaneous manifestations of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be the initial indication of an important systemic disease process. Or they may be markers of advanced infection or immunocompromise. Cutaneous symptoms may disproportionately impact quality of life through pain, itch, drainage, shame/stigma, and sexual dysfunction. Importantly, cutaneous STIs may also mimic the appearance of noninfectious diseases, or vice versa, thereby delaying diagnosis and resulting in inappropriate treatment. Familiarity with the typical and atypical presentations of cutaneous STIs and their mimickers is therefore critically important for the practicing pediatrician, adolescent medicine specialist, internist, gynecologist, and infectious diseases specialist.


Cutaneous sexually transmitted infections Genital ulcers Genital dermatoses 


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