The Rate of Return on Investment in Africa

  • Klas RönnbäckEmail author
  • Oskar Broberg
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Economic History book series (PEHS)


In this chapter, we provide an aggregate overview of the return on investment in Africa, studying how it changed over time and by sector of operation. We compare our results to previous estimates for the same geographical region and time period in order to test the reliability of our estimates. The results from these comparisons show that our figures match such previous estimates well. We also compare our results to previous estimates for other parts of the world in order to draw conclusions about the rates of return on investing in Africa during the period that we study. The results indicate that the return on investment in Africa was slightly elevated on an aggregate level compared to the return on investment elsewhere in the world. There were also important differences in the return on investment over time and between different regions in Africa.


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