Producing Culture in the Double Diaspora
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In this introduction Parmar establishes the critical approach and aims of the book, whilst too building a historical framework, highlighting existent scholarship on the subject of the South Asian in East Africa, and delineating chapter aims. Underlining the paucity of intellectual debate around the cultural life of the South Asian East African diaspora in Britain, Parmar charts her offer of a much-needed contemporary comprehensive study within the disciplines of postcolonial and cultural studies on the subject of the ‘double diaspora’, or that community that has migrated to Britain from India, via East Africa. This chapter introduces the texts and cultural practices under scrutiny, which shed light on this doubly displaced community. They include Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s The settler’s cookbook, forms of Gujarati Hindu Navratri festival dance, sartorial practices and memory making via photography. Parmar argues that language is limited in its capacity to represent twice deracination; thus the exploration of suggestive forms of embodied practices is essential.

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