Forging a Cultural Elite: Nyon and the Age of Festival Programmers

  • Christian JungenEmail author
Part of the Framing Film Festivals book series (FFF)


Mainly based on interviews with former director Moritz and his wife and collaborator Erika de Hadeln, this chapter tells the early history of the Visions du Réel Festival, appeared in Nyon (Switzerland) in 1969. It analyses de Hadeln’s programming policies characterized by left-wing ideas, films from the Soviet orbit and controversial topics. Reflecting on the canonical influence of programmers in 1970s studied by Marijke de Valck and Jeffrey Ruoff, the chapter reconstructs the personal networks that allowed de Hadeln to become part of the European cultural elite of the 1960s and make of Nyon a template for other documentary film festivals. Finally, it retraces his career further in the festival circuit (as artistic director of Locarno, Berlin and Venice), facilitated by his contacts in the international cinematographic realm.


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