Defining Documentary in the Festival Circuit: A Conversation with Bill Nichols

  • Aida VallejoEmail author
Part of the Framing Film Festivals book series (FFF)


In this interview, internationally renowned film scholar Bill Nichols reveals his insights into the past, present and future for the study of documentary film festivals. Although documentary has been the focus of most of Nichols’ academic texts, in 1994 he authored two pioneer articles recently recovered by Film Festival Studies. Showing the evolution of his thoughts around these research topics, he gives his insights about the influence of festivals for the definition of documentary and their impact in new documentary forms and aesthetics, and reformulates some theoretical ideas of his previous works, such epistephilia versus scopophilia in the festival realm. Recalling his experiences as festival attendee and jury member, Nichols reflects on his personal trajectory through several decades of documentary viewing in the festival realm and beyond.


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