Nanotechnology: An Emerging Tool for Management of Biotic Stresses in Plants

  • Monika Hajong
  • Nongthombam Olivia Devi
  • Manashi Debbarma
  • Dipali Majumder
Part of the Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences book series (NALIS)


Biotic stresses are the major factors limiting the crop productivity worldwide. Indiscriminate application of chemicals used for crop protection is the serious concern for health and environmental hazards. Moreover, such practices deteriorate the soil health and increase resistance in phytopathogens and pests. Nanotechnology, the novel interdisciplinary technique developed in last decades provides the sustainable solution. Nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize agricultural practices. Nanoparticles (NPs), nanobiosensors, quantum dots (QDs), nanobarcodes, and microRNA (miRNA)-based approach have potential role in rapid diagnosis and combating insect pests and diseases in plants. This chapter deals with potential use of NMs in crop protection for better eco-friendly management against biotic stresses in plants.


Nanobiosensors Quantum dots Nanobarcodes MicroRNA 


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