Urinary Sediment Constituents in Bright-Field and Phase-Contrast Microscopy

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All urinary sediment constituents described in Chap.  7 are presented both in bright-field mode and in phase-contrast mode. Urinary sediment components appear differently in the two microscopy techniques and the inexperienced user can quickly orient themselves with the help of the above-mentioned comparison. Urinary sediment constituents can “age,” thereby altering their morphology. The reader can practice differentiating all urinary sediment constituents with the help of numerous photographic images.


Description and comparison of all urinary sediment constituents in bright-field mode and in phase-contrast mode Tips for the correct differentiation “Old” urinary sediment constituents 

Supplementary material

Video 11.1

Yeast cells and fungal hyphae/PhaCo (Fig. 11.6) (MP4 43645 kb)

Video 11.2

Yeast cells and fungal hyphae/bright field (Fig. 11.6) (MP4 32862 kb)

Video 11.3

Yeast cells with chlamydospores/PhaCo (Fig. 11.9) (MP4 45168 kb)

Video 11.4

Yeast cells with chlamydospores/bright field (Fig. 11.9) (MP4 38949 kb)

Video 11.5

Histiocytes (macrophages)/PhaCo (Fig. 11.26) (MP4 17355 kb)

Video 11.6

Trichomonads/PhaCo (Fig. 11.31) (MP4 9848 kb)

Video 11.7

Squamous epithelial cells/bright field (Fig. 11.36) (MP4 35032 kb)

Video 11.8

Squamous epithelial cells/PhaCo (Fig. 11.36) (MP4 33237 kb)

Video 11.9

Old, enlarged leukocytes with a round nucleus and granular motility (Sternheimer-Malbin cells)/PhaCo (Fig. 11.42) (MP4 22643 kb)

Video 11.10

Oval fat bodies, renal epithelial cell and yeast cells/bright field (Fig. 11.48) (MP4 46212 kb)

Video 11.11

Oval fat bodies/PhaCo (Fig. 11.51) (MP4 42628 kb)

Video 11.12

Histiocyte/PhaCo (Fig. 11.51) (MP4 61689 kb)

Video 11.13

Erythrocyte cast/PhaCo (Fig. 11.62) (MP4 34023 kb)

Video 11.14

Lipid cast/bright field (Fig. 11.70) (MP4 36084 kb)

Video 11.15

Lipid cast (dark) (Fig. 11.71) (MP4 28189 kb)

Video 11.16

Bacteria/bright field (Fig. 11.77) (MP4 28727 kb)

Video 11.17

Bacteria/PhaCo (Fig. 11.77) (MP4 49176 kb)

Video 11.18

Calcium oxalates/bright field (Fig. 11.91) (MP4 34902 kb)

Video 11.19

Calcium oxalates/PhaCo (Fig. 11.91) (MP4 25174 kb)

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