Advantages of Using Industrial Sensor Interfaces at the Machine Design Stage

  • Piotr MichalskiEmail author
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 934)


Capabilities of modern automation systems, especially in the field of industrial networks applications, encourage us to favor them during the process of developing the automation project at machine design stage. Extensive network topologies and simplicity as well as clear structure cause displacement of the classic wiring. This approach simplifies the maximum number of components by means of industrial automation from sensor to PLC. Instead of: multi-core cables, intermediate boxes, connectors, terminals or hundreds of cable descriptions, automation systems integrator chooses increasingly clear industrial network bus. A perfect example is the comparison of classical topology and wiring distribution automation equipment in relation to a modern industrial network topology of the AS-interface and IO-Link. Topology simplification is not the only benefit that we get through the selection of industrial networks. Built control systems must often provide the required level of safety. Thus, the designer of the automation system is required to enable the handling of so-called safe I/O modules, safety light curtains, emergency stop buttons, pull-wire switches, etc.


Industrial sensors IO-Link Industry 4.0 Machine design 


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