Correction to: Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care

  • Michael A. O. Lewis
  • Philip-John Lamey
Part of the BDJ Clinician’s Guides book series (BDJCG)

Correction to:M. A. O. Lewis, P.–J. Lamey, Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care, BDJ Clinician’s Guides,

The original version of the book was inadvertently published. So the following changes have been done to this updated version:
  • The original figure 7.16 has been swapped with figure 7.17.

  • The original figure 5.7 has been swapped with the new figure provided below:

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  • Michael A. O. Lewis
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  • Philip-John Lamey
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  1. 1.School of DentistryCardiff University School of DentistryCardiffUK
  2. 2.Edinburgh Dental InstituteUniversity of Edinburgh Edinburgh, Dental InstituteEdinburghUK

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