European Influences

  • Roger K. Green


This chapter opens with a brief discussion on shamanism and psychedelics and then moves to discuss Abbie Hoffman’s Woodstock Nation in detail and the particular influences of Herbert Marcuse and Antonin Artaud on psychedelic aesthetics. It gives a close reading of Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization and outlines the European phantasy structure that underlies the liberal framing of psychedelic aesthetics. It considers Artaud’s influence on theatrical aspects of radical activism with the Theater of Cruelty and his Peyote Dance. Longstanding phantasies about primitivism and Native Americans influence critical thought before the more overt figurations of Native Americans appear in psychedelia. It ends with a return to Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man and the pessimism of Maurice Blanchot’s “Great Refusal.”


Herbert Marcuse Antonin Artaud European phantasy structure Abbie Hoffman Woodstock Nation Chicago Seven Antonin Artaud Great Refusal Shamanism Primitivism Psychedelic aesthetics Michael Taussig Chicago Seven Eros and Civilization Phantasy 

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