Personal Book Management Application on Blockchain

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Using a blockchain, an application that guarantees reliability, can be realized by managing a distributed ledger of agreements. A blockchain’s usefulness in applications requiring trust, such as virtual currency, has been confirmed, and it is being used in actual services. However, the time taken to add data to the distributed ledger and the cost of this operation may be too high. As a result, other real applications for blockchains have not been found yet. In this research, we design and implement an application for lending and borrowing books on a distributed ledger. The application is implemented as a distributed application on Ethereum, which is a platform used for building blockchain-based smart contracts. Users of this application can lend and borrow books through a web application that functions as the user interface of the application. The usage logs show that the time and fees required for adding data to the distributed ledger are acceptable.


Blockchain Book management Web application 


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  1. 1.Department of Integrated Information Technology, College of Science and EngineeringAoyama Gakuin UniversitySagamihara-shiJapan

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