Supply Chain Governance: A Study in Wineries from Brazil and Spain

  • Camila Avosani ZagoEmail author
  • Guadalupe Fuentes Lombardo
  • Antônia Roussouliéres Gonçalves da Fonte
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This article aims to map the Brazilian and Spanish wine supply chain and its governance structures. In order to do so, it starts with bibliographical research, based on the qualitative methodology, using the technique of in-depth interviews in small, medium and large size wineries with Designation of Origin, in Brazil (Vale dos Vinhedos) and Spain (Montilla Moriles). The results show that the Brazilian wineries, in general, hold the upstream supply chain, and after the production process, the final products are distributed in the market by partners. Meanwhile, Spanish wineries buy their inputs from other producers and do not always sell their products directly to the market, commercializing their products also with other producers that will then make the final product that will be marketed. In addition, Brazilian wineries have other product lines or associated companies, manufacturing by-products (juices, hygiene and beauty products, jellies, among others) with the must from the manufacture of wines and sparkling wines, which is not the case with the Spanish wineries, since these have their focus on products such as wine, sparkling wine and vinegar. Regarding governance in the supply chain of both countries, it is a hybrid type, based on contracts and also on the relation of partnership and friendship.


Governance Supply chain Supply chain management Wine sector 



We thank the Fundación Carolina for the scholarship granted through the Program of Mobility for Brazilian Teachers, which made possible the accomplishment of this work.


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