A Better Indexing Method for Closest Open Location Policy in Forklift Warehouse Operation

  • Duy Anh NguyenEmail author
  • Truong Thinh Pham
  • Viet Duong Nguyen
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 554)


Due to rapid development in logistic industry, there has been growing concern over cold warehouse operation. Four fundamental elements that affect the efficiency in warehouse management include travel, search, pick up, set up. Travel time composes the highest proportion in the group hence recent studies are in favor of promoting time travel in indexing pallet location for COL policy. In fact, because picking also plays an essential role in reducing operating cost, methods optimized both travel and picking are definitely more thorough. This paper aims to point out potential measures by imposing a better indexing method for closest open location policy to address storage location assignment problems, along with the simulation of the forklift moving products in warehouse in order to generate more reliable data. The efficiency of these strategies ensures warehouse can be operated in the most efficient way.


COL Closest open location Storage location assignment problem Warehouse management problem 


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  • Truong Thinh Pham
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  • Viet Duong Nguyen
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