Asynchronous Federated Learning for Geospatial Applications

  • Michael R. SpragueEmail author
  • Amir Jalalirad
  • Marco Scavuzzo
  • Catalin Capota
  • Moritz Neun
  • Lyman Do
  • Michael Kopp
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 967)


Federated learning is an emerging collaborative machine-learning paradigm for training models directly on edge devices. The data remains on the edge device and this method is robust under real-world edge data distributions. We present a new asynchronous federated-learning algorithm (‘asynchronous federated learning’) and study its convergence rate when distributed across many edge devices, with hard data constraints, relative to training the same model on a single device. We compare asynchronous federated learning to an existing synchronous method. We evaluate its robustness in real-world situations; for example, devices joining part-way through training or devices with heterogeneous compute resources. We then apply asynchronous federated learning to a challenging geospatial application, namely image-based geolocation using a state-of-the-art convolutional neural network. Our results lay the groundwork for deploying large-scale federated learning as a tool to automatically learn, and continually update, a machine-learned model that encodes location.


Federated learning Asynchronous communication Heterogeneous computation Image-based geolocation 


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  1. 1.HERE TechnologiesAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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