Broadening the Idea of the Theory of Science Beyond Analytics>

  • Edmund Husserl
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If we again take up the Idea of the theory of science guiding us from the beginning, then, as the formal theory of meaning and ontology described, logic is the first manifestation of this Idea. Knowing (Wissen) in the sense of science (Wissenschaft) is thinking or thought-state-of-mind that refers back to thinking. Corresponding to thinking is something thought, and so corresponding to every science is a system of judgments in my meaning-theoretical sense, a system of postulated truths and probabilities, and these refer to objects and states-of-affairs. The science of meanings in general, of truths, possibilities, probabilities in general, of objects in general in absolutely pure, formal universality, yields a system of absolute truths to which every science is obviously bound, and which are prior in terms of validity to every science in general−as already to every judgment in general.

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