Splitting Criteria with the Bias Term

  • Leszek RutkowskiEmail author
  • Maciej Jaworski
  • Piotr Duda
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 56)


The Mean Squared Error (MSE) of any estimator \(\widehat{\Theta }\) of some quantity \(\Theta \) is a sum of two terms
$$\begin{aligned} E\left[ \left( \widehat{\Theta }-\Theta \right) ^{2}\right] =E\left[ \left( \widehat{\Theta }-E\left[ \widehat{\Theta }\right] \right) ^{2}\right] + \left( E\left[ \widehat{\Theta }\right] -\Theta \right) ^{2}. \end{aligned}$$


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  • Maciej Jaworski
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  • Piotr Duda
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  2. 2.Information Technology InstituteUniversity of Social SciencesLodzPoland

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