Business Software Architecture (BSA)

  • Lina Khalid


Enterprises deploy business architecture capabilities. There is some confusion regarding the definition of business software architecture because it merges two terms: business and software architecture. In this chapter, there will be a brief definition of BSA with all related concepts. The basic roles of a business manager and a software architect are explained. Software architects take up an exceptional role in the world of IT. They are expected to know the technologies and software platforms on which their organizations run as well as the businesses that they serve. The relationship between business architecture and IT is described; the relationship between business architecture and IT is intertwined so that anyone talking about business architecture must be able to address how it is related to IT. Business architecture ecosystem will be defined in this chapter to represent the essence of the business. Also, pragmatic architecture shows how the architect adopts the best approach to the architecture.

At the end of the chapter you will learn:
  • The concept of business software architecture

  • The ecosystem for business architecture

  • Software architect and business managers responsibilities in business software architecture

  • The requirements for business architecture

  • The concept of pragmatic architecture


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