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The importance of the architecture concepts is highlighted through the applications in the market place and through the aim of producing high qualities from it. This chapter is the introduction to the set of definitions of the types of architecture, system architecture, software architecture, enterprise architecture, and business architecture, but it focuses mainly on software architecture. There are many contexts that affect in building the architecture of the system such as technical, business, and background of the architect effects; all of them will be affected by the architecture after build. Marketecture is a concept that describes and gives a structural view of the main components when a quick review of the architecture is needed. Finally, the life cycle of architecture with the methods used for each stage in the cycle is described. Briefly, this chapter gives a good introduction for the basic types of architecture and the most important concepts of software architecture, but what makes it differ from other basic chapters in other books on architecture is that it highlights the modern app architecture which the enterprises need when building their architecture. Modern software architecture features will also be defined.

At the end of this chapter, you will learn:
  • Definitions of the basic type of the architecture: software architecture, system architecture, enterprise architecture, and business architecture

  • What the modern app architecture for the enterprise is

  • The life cycle of the architecture

  • The influence of architecture on systems


Software architecture System architecture Enterprise architecture Business architecture Architectural influence lifecycle Docker Serverless Marketecture 


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