Volos in the Middle Ages: A Proposal for the Rescue of a Cultural Heritage

  • Konstantia TriantafyllopoulouEmail author
Conference paper
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In this paper the history of the ‘unknown’ Medieval Volos will be studied and an attempt will be made to promote the cultural heritage of the Byzantine era. The effort will be completed with the proposal to create a thematic museum in the area of the Castle of Palea and a cultural route through the points of interest we have identified. The aim of the survey is to create a tourist attraction and thus to improve cultural tourism. Furthermore, knowing the history of our region means to know the evolution followed by the society. This is important because many people ignore the history of this period. For the region of Volos we have a lot of historical evidence for earlier historical periods, such as Neolithic and Classical. However, it remains unknown what happened in the region during the medieval period from the 4th to the 15th century AD.


Middle Ages Castle of Palea Cultural tourism Thematic museum Volos 



This proposal was the subject of the MSc thesis with the title ‘Medieval Volos, a proposal for the creation of a thematic museum’, carried out under the supervision of Professor Michel Zouboulakis (Department of Economics, University of Thessaly) in the master program ‘Tourism and Cultural Planning and Development’ of University of Thessaly.


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