A Wave of Relativity

  • Wouter Schmitz
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The theory of special relativity is one of the pillars of the quantum field theory. The origin of relativity lies in the solution of the ether problem as described by the Michelson Morley experiment. We saw earlier that the experiment made clear that the speed of light is the same no matter how fast you go. It is considered a “law of nature” and we related it to the elasticity of the vacuum. H. A. Lorentz wrote down the formulas to understand how velocities must be added in order to have a constant speed of light. However, it was Einstein who explained why that must be so [Ref. 42]. He stated that laws of nature should be the same in each frame of reference, i.e. no matter what relative velocity you have. And to him, the speed of light is a law of nature.

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