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In the days and weeks following my stroke, my sense of time and space was jumbled and fantastical. It reflected a novel mix of actual events, imagined ones, and remnants from dreams, all within timeframes that were utterly malleable in my mind. For example, when my friend Jillian visited me soon after my arrival at the Boulder rehab, before they had even allowed me outside for a breath of air, I regaled her with an imaginative tale of my having just come back from a morning walk with my good friends Ioannis Antoniou and Ilya Prigogine. I claimed that they had surprised me with a visit and we had taken a nice stroll to the downtown Boulder post office, where I’d mailed some letters to friends. In reality, Ioannis was at home in Greece and not even aware of my stroke, and dear Ilya has been dead since 2003. However, they had both visited me in Boulder in years past and we had taken walks downtown, even if not to mail letters.

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