Nano-agriculture in the Food Industry

  • Antony Allwyn Sundarraj
Part of the Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences book series (NALIS)


Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the new frontiers of this era and food nanotechnology is a developing technology that opens up an entire universe of new possibilities for food industrial sectors. Nanotechnology is, fundamentally, a recent scientific field that is continuously blossoming as a broad area of research with respect to the dairy sector and with respect to food processing, preservation, packaging, and the development of various functional food sectors. The food processing and dairy manufacturing sectors, agricultural producers, and consumers can benefit from nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has advanced with the resourcefulness of researchers, producers, manufacturers, and even the general population in recent years. Nanotechnology opens a wide range of opportunities for the growth of innovative products and applications in food processing systems; very recent examples of the applications of nanotechnology are in functional foods, bio-actives, nutraceutical systems, and pharma foods. Food market sectors demand numerous technologies, which are vital to maintain market leadership in food-processing industrial sectors, to create fresh, realistic, suitable, and flavorful food products. Various applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology have emerged with the increasing need for nanoparticle use in numerous fields of food science and food microbiology, including food processing, food packaging, functional food development, food safety and security, agro-based food products, the detection of foodborne pathogens, and extension of the shelf life of foodstuffs and/or food products.


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