Recent Progress in Applied Nanomaterials

  • R. Mankamna Kumari
  • Nikita Sharma
  • Geeta Arya
  • Surendra Nimesh
Part of the Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences book series (NALIS)


Recent advancements in the development of nanomaterials with unique properties have been gaining grounds that are capable of targeting toward specific applications. Basically, nanomaterials are materials with size ranging from few nanometres to 100 nm. The small size and tunable properties of the nanomaterials make it favourable for various applications including medicine, environmental science, optics and microelectronics. Recently, intensive development in the field of nanotechnology is being carried out in industries as well as university research facilities to bring forward cutting edge approaches for applications-oriented research. Thus, nanomaterials with remarkable properties and multifunctional properties are applied in extremely diverse fields including plant protection and production, an under-explored area in research community. Hence, nanomaterials have escalated to the stage of commercialization in different countries: the USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia and Germany. The current chapter is mainly intended to summarize the recent developments in the field of applied nanomaterials.


Nanoparticles Nanofertilizers Nanopesticides Nanosensors Chitosan Liposomes Dendrimers Quantum dots 


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