Behavioral and Psychological Aspects, Quality of Life, and Disability and Impact of Cluster Headache

  • Lauren Ashley-Marie Schenck
  • Alberto Raggi
  • Domenico D’Amico
  • Alberto Proietti Cecchini
  • Frank AndrasikEmail author
Part of the Headache book series (HEAD)


This chapter reviews the current literature addressing behavioral and psychological aspects, quality of life (QoL), and disability as they pertain to cluster headache (CH). Generally, research on these topics is lacking, though it is clear that psychological symptoms are heightened during bouts of CH, with relevant effects on patients’ perceived QoL and disability. Given the severity and unrelenting nature of this condition during active periods, we discuss ways to advance upon our current knowledge base and how consideration of these factors may play a role in enhancing management of CH.


Cluster headache Psychological aspects Behavioral factors Quality of life Disability 


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