Neurostimulation: Why, When, and Which One?

  • Michel Lantéri-MinetEmail author
  • Denys Fontaine
  • Delphine Magis
Part of the Headache book series (HEAD)


Neuromodulation has been proposed for more than a decade to treat primary headaches including cluster headache. Neuromodulation can be separated into invasive techniques, that is, with a surgical procedure to implant the stimulation device, and noninvasive techniques (transcutaneous or transcranial stimulation). For the treatment of cluster headache (CH), the only noninvasive neuromodulation technique studied up to now is vagus nerve stimulation (cervical portion), while invasive neuromodulation has been applied to target the posteroinferior hypothalamic area, the great occipital nerve, or the sphenopalatine ganglion. For each target, we will review key elements in terms of background, efficacy evidence, limits, and mechanisms of action.


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