Consequentialism: Exposition

  • Jan Österberg
Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 138)


The topic of this and the next chapter is C. In this chapter I will first discuss and assess some of the different alternative forms that C can take. The aim is to come up with a version that will best meet certain objections raised against the theory, objections that will be discussed in the next chapter. I will not here discuss how the consequentialist notions of outcome (consequences) and alternative are best interpreted, these being “internal” questions of interpretation, not targets of “external” criticism. Nor will I here discuss how goodness of outcomes is best specified in empirical terms. This is, of course, highly relevant to my present aim since some of the objections to C are valid only given certain such specifications, but this issue is more profitably discussed in the next chapter, where I discuss these objections.

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