How Edge Computing Transforms the Security of Cloud Computing

  • Cesar de la TorreEmail author
  • Marco de la Torre
  • Juan Carlos Polo
  • Fernando Galárraga
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 918)


These days, network administrators are interested in delivering high performance network cores and edges, ensuring optimal visibility of services and simultaneously reducing to minimum the IT risk against network downtimes. The edge computing’s distributed architecture is an alternative to reduce the number of attack vectors. Transform network cloud services in edge computing components of cloud is fundamental because it is the best fit for latency-sensitive microservices. Identity enforcement/validation, for example, is a latency-sensitive task that all SECaaS applications could run at the edge for a superior end user experience. The ability to run latency-sensitive microservices may spawn a new generation of apps that will be developed with end-user proximity/location as a crucial design element. As a beginning point, to start the development of these new technologies, it is important the design of new models of analysis.


Cloud computing Information security Networking 


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