To Image the Orientation and Spatial Distribution of Reconstituted Na+,K+-ATPase in Model Lipid Membranes

  • Tripta BhatiaEmail author
  • Flemming Cornelius


Imaging of sub-optical dynamic features, such as functional membrane nanodomains that are short-lived and proteins that are embedded in such nanodomains, is a challenge with the currently available imaging techniques because such features of interests are very dynamic. Our approach to image dynamic suboptical features is based on a GUV-collapse method followed by high-resolution imaging. We have functionally reconstituted Na+,K+-ATPase, a P-type transmembrane ATPase protein, into free-standing giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) which are collapsed to form planar lipid bilayer (PLB) patches within the ∼10 ms time scale. Using our method, we have successfully imaged the PLB patches using atomic force microscopy under physiological conditions to quantify orientation and density of Na+,K+-ATPase in membrane with nanoscopic domains.


Na+,K+-ATPase GUVs Transmembrane protein reconstitution Membrane rafts Immunolabelling AFM 



TB acknowledges Prof. John H. Ipsen, Prof. O.G. Mouritsen, A.C. Simonsen (SDU), P.L. Hansen, L.A. Bagatolli, J. Brewer (SDU), L. Duelund, B. Franchi and H. Kidmose for useful discussions on the work presented in this chapter.


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