Matters of Video Testimony

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  • Dominic Williams
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This chapter looks at a range of video testimony from and about the SK. Revisiting Dori Laub’s famous reading of a piece of testimony about the SK revolt, and the recent re-examination of his arguments and evidence by Thomas Trezise, we show that the Sonderkommando featured much more strongly in the testimony being discussed than either Laub or Trezise credit. The SK form a troubling presence connected to the testimony Laub receives and reflects on, with the women he interviews linked to the SK by both proximity and familial relations. Having shown that these women, who all worked in the Kanada commando, have more to say about the SK than had been previously acknowledged, we go on to demonstrate the importance of gender issues in relation to what members of the SK have to say in video testimony. We show that considering the gender dynamics of the interview process and the interviewees’ self-image as men provides valuable insights.

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