Dynamic Watermarking-Based Integrity Protection of Homomorphically Encrypted Databases – Application to Outsourced Genetic Data

  • David NiyitegekaEmail author
  • Gouenou Coatrieux
  • Reda Bellafqira
  • Emmanuelle Genin
  • Javier Franco-Contreras
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11378)


In this paper, we propose a dynamic database crypto-watermarking scheme that enables a cloud service provider (CSP) to verify the integrity of encrypted databases outsourced by different users. This scheme takes advantage of the semantic security property most homomorphic cryptosystems have, so as to embed a watermark into encrypted data without altering users’ data. The incorrect detection of the watermark, not only informs the CSP the database has been illegally modified but also indicates which data have been altered. In addition, the proposed scheme is dynamic in the sense the watermarking and integrity verification processes can be conducted along the database lifecycle, i.e. even when the database owner updates his or her data (i.e. addition, suppression or modification of database elements). Experimental results carried out with the Paillier cryptosystem on a genetic database demonstrate that our method can efficiently detect different illegal data tamper with a high location precision.


Confidentiality Data outsourcing Database watermarking Genetic data Homomorphic encryption Integrity 



This work has received a French government support granted to the Labex CominLabs and managed by the ANR in the “Investing for the future” program under reference ANR-10-LABX-07-01, and to the Labex GenMed, ANR-10-LABX-0013, through the project PrivGen.


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  • David Niyitegeka
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    Email author
  • Gouenou Coatrieux
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  • Reda Bellafqira
    • 1
  • Emmanuelle Genin
    • 2
  • Javier Franco-Contreras
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