Numerical Simulation of the Coal and Straw Co-firing in Swirling Stabilized Burner

  • Nadia RassaiEmail author
  • Noureddine Boutammachte
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The aim of this paper is to valorize straw waste by co-firing coal and straw in a swirl-stabilized reactor in order to produce a clean energy. To fulfill this purpose, a comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of co-firing coal and straw was presented, in which the pulverized straw particles and coal particles are independently injected into the burner through two concentric injection tubes. The numerical approach is based on Reynolds averaged Navier–Stokes (RANS) approach using the realizable k–ε turbulence model for turbulence, the non-premixed combustion model for gas phase combustion, the Lagrangian approach (DPM) for the discrete second and the DO for radiation. The finding results show a good agreement with numerical and experimental data.


Coal Straw Pulverized Co-firing Swirling 


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