Application of Cloud Computing in E-learning: A Basic Architecture of Cloud-Based E-learning Systems for Higher Education

  • Abderrahim El MhoutiEmail author
  • Mohamed Erradi
  • Azeddine Nasseh
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure book series (LNITI)


Today, there is a growing trend regarding the use of e-learning approach in higher education. However, e-learning systems require huge investments in infrastructure and hardware and software resources of which many academics institutions cannot afford. The coming of cloud computing has brought new development ideas to overcome this problem and can be adopted to cut-down such investments. The purpose of this study is to put forward an overview on what is the current state of the application of cloud computing in e-learning in higher education context, where the use of computers is increasingly intensive. The paper introduces e-learning and cloud computing concepts, by analyzing e-learning systems challenges and trends, the convenience of cloud computing for e-learning and the key benefits of e-learning on the cloud. The study shows that cloud computing has tremendous effects on e-learning modes and it is the core technology of the next generation of e-learning in higher education. Cloud-based e-learning systems are emerging as an attractive method for providing flexible and scalable e-learning services, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device. The paper exposes also some applications’ solutions using cloud computing in e-learning for higher education, by presenting the most common architecture that have been adopted. Finally, the paper discusses issues related to the implementation of cloud-based e-learning systems for higher education and presents some potential ways to overcome them.


E-learning Higher education Cloud computing Cloud-based e-learning 


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  • Mohamed Erradi
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  • Azeddine Nasseh
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