Urban Traffic Flow Management Based on Air Quality Measurement by IoT Using LabVIEW

  • Mohamed El KhailiEmail author
  • Abdelkarim Alloubane
  • Loubna Terrada
  • Azeddine Khiat
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure book series (LNITI)


Our challenge has two dimensions: social and technological. We want to solve a serious problem that is assessing the air quality in cities and traffic management according to the air quality indices. To inform and sensitize people to the air pollution problem, our project will bring the locals in participatory situation and actor for the improvement of air quality by managing the urban traffic. We hear more and more talk about the Internet of Things, connected objects, or even connected world, or even intelligent home; new concepts that invade the world and enhance our way of life. Internet of Things called the third industrial revolution will profoundly change the lives of people with home automation, health and recreation, energy, distribution and our environment with intelligent cities or transport connected. The collection of information remains a major challenge without the participation of a large group of people or partners. The Crowdsourcing allows obtaining information due to a large group of people by the internet.


Smart city Crowdsourcing Internet of things Air quality Urban traffic management LabView 


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  • Abdelkarim Alloubane
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  • Loubna Terrada
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  • Azeddine Khiat
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  1. 1.SSDIA Laboratory, ENSET MohammediaHassan II University of CasablancaCasablancaMorocco

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