Smart Companies: Digital Transformation as the New Engine for Reaching Sustainability

  • Wail El HilaliEmail author
  • Abdellah El Manouar
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The concept of sustainability has increasingly gained traction in both business and academic worlds. Finding a balance between economy, society and environment requires implementing changes at the strategic level, particularly at the business model level. Moreover, and to survive to this digital revolution led by cutting-edge startups, companies have started to transform digitally their businesses by enhancing their digital capabilities. Since the two concepts need the implementation of radical changes regarding how the value is created and captured, analyzing how to incorporate sustainability while digitally transforming the business could be a promising road to explore. This paper is an attempt to discuss how to seize the opportunity of digital transformations in order to reach sustainability. It starts by defining the concepts of digital transformation and sustainability. After, it answers, using real world examples, how companies, during a digital transformation, could increase profitability and their social footprint while reducing their negative environmental externalities. The paper discusses after, a survey, in the Moroccan context, of the relationship between digital transformation and sustainability among 15 companies (from 40 companies contacted) from different sectors. It also explains the Moroccan actual context using a game theory approach.


Digital transformation Sustainability Digital strategies Big data Shared value Game theory Prisoners’ dilemma 


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