Spinal Neurenteric Cysts

  • Deepak Khatri
  • Jayesh Sardhara
  • Mukesh Shukla
  • Arun K. Srivastava
  • Sanjay Behari


Neurenteric cysts are rare benign cystic lesions of the central nervous system derived from the endoderm. Spinal neurenteric cysts account for about 0.7–1.3% of all spinal tumors. They are usually found ventral to the cord, in the intradural extramedullary compartment of the cervicothoracic region. They are found in the intramedullary compartment in <5% of cases. The most common presentation is myelopathy due to cord compression. The current recommended method of treatment is complete excision of a spinal neurenteric cyst through a posterior or posterolateral approach. After partial excision, the recurrence rate of the tumor is quite high (0–35%).


Neurenteric cyst Endodermal cyst Surgical approach Embryogenesis 


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