Trends in the Use of Webapps in Agriculture: A Systematic Review

  • Mariuxi Tejada-CastroEmail author
  • Carlota Delgado-Vera
  • Mayra Garzón-Goya
  • Andrea Sinche-Guzmam
  • Xavier Cárdenas-Rosales
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 901)


Currently, the use of technology in agriculture is increasing, playing a fundamental role. Its use is becoming more and more widespread as farmers’ demands grow. The employment of WebApp is increasingly transforming the way in which information is disseminated and obtained in the agricultural sector. In this sense, this work presents a systematic review of the literature on the WebApp’s tendency in agriculture. Its objective was to identify in which phases of the crop cycle it has the most technological support, Web or mobile, and what functionalities the applications carry out, as well as to detect the tendency of use by the farmer. Accordingly, tools were used that allow us to make descriptive statistical metrics, where they proved that, due to their versatility and multiplatform, the web applications are fulfilling this objective, covering in its entirety all the phases of the crop. The countries that most often use them are Spain, Mexico, Colombia and the US.


Phases of the crop Web applications Mobile applications Mobile and web technologies 


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