Quantifying the Effectiveness of First-Hop Redundancy Protocols in IP Networks

  • Paul BourneEmail author
  • Neville Palmer
  • Jan Skrabala
Conference paper
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First hop redundancy protocols are an essential tool for improving the availability of IP networks. Several protocols exist to rapidly configure redundant paths in the event of a link failure but a review of literature provides little guidance on their relative performance. This paper proposes a method for appraising the effectiveness of three common first hop redundancy protocols within IP networks and critically analyses the approach. Results from a typical network topology are presented as well as a discussion around the validity of the results and potential sources of error. Consideration is given to the potential of advanced numerical methods to minimise error, particularly in large scale networks. Recommendations are made regarding the optimal configurations to be used when comparing first hop redundancy protocols, as well as further research required to improve the accuracy of the results obtained.


FHRP HSRP GLBP VRRP Network redundancy Gateway protocol Failover Network performance measurement 


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