Using Pilot Systems to Execute Many Task Workloads on Supercomputers

  • Andre Merzky
  • Matteo Turilli
  • Manuel Maldonado
  • Mark Santcroos
  • Shantenu JhaEmail author
Conference paper
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High performance computing systems have historically been designed to support applications comprised of mostly monolithic, single-job workloads. Pilot systems decouple workload specification, resource selection, and task execution via job placeholders and late-binding. Pilot systems help to satisfy the resource requirements of workloads comprised of multiple tasks. RADICAL-Pilot (RP) is a modular and extensible Python-based pilot system. In this paper we describe RP’s design, architecture and implementation, and characterize its performance. RP is capable of spawning more than 100 tasks/second and supports the steady-state execution of up to 16K concurrent tasks. RP can be used stand-alone, as well as integrated with other application-level tools as a runtime system.


Pilot system Placeholder job Multilevel scheduling HPC workflow 



This work is supported by NSF “CAREER” ACI-1253644, NSF ACI-1440677 “RADICAL-Cybertools” and DOE Award DE-SC0016280. We acknowledge access to computational facilities: XSEDE resources (TG-MCB090174) and Blue Waters (NSF-1713749).


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  • Matteo Turilli
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  • Manuel Maldonado
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  • Mark Santcroos
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  • Shantenu Jha
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  1. 1.RADICAL Laboratory, Electrical and Computer EngineeringRutgers UniversityPiscatawayUSA
  2. 2.Brookhaven National LaboratoryUptonUSA

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