Getting Started with CAPI SNAP: Hardware Development for Software Engineers

  • Lukas Wenzel
  • Robert Schmid
  • Balthasar Martin
  • Max PlauthEmail author
  • Felix Eberhardt
  • Andreas Polze
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11339)


To alleviate development of FPGA-based accelerator function units for software engineers, the OpenPOWER Accelerator Work Group has recently introduced the CAPI Storage, Network, and Analytics Programming (SNAP) framework. However, we found that software engineers are still overwhelmed with many aspects of the novel hardware development framework. This paper provides background and instructions for mastering the first steps of hardware development using the CAPI SNAP framework. The insights reported in this paper are based on the experiences of software engineering students with little to no prior knowledge about hardware development.


FPGA Programming environment Tutorial 



We would like to thank everyone at IBM who held close contact and helped us during the project, including but not limited to: Frank Haverkamp, Jörg-Stephan Vogt, Sven Boekholt, Thomas Fuchs, Bruno Mesnet, Nicolas Mäding, and Bruce Wile.


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